High Voltage Safety Training

600 Volts & Above

High Voltage Safety Training is an advanced level electrical course designed for individuals who are involved with medium voltage (2.4 kV - 34.5 kV) including electrical distribution, substation, and utilization equipment found in industry. Electrical system protection is covered in detail including: fuse selection, protective relay applications for medium voltage motors and radial feeders, protective relay programming, and system coordination considerations. The course is ideal for individuals who are installing new, programmable electronic protective relays. There is also a strong emphasis on safety, electrical preventive maintenance testing, and preventive maintenance procedures that will reduce costly plant downtime.

Sample Training Topics May Include the Following:

Standards and Regulations

  • NFPA 70E Standard
  • National Electric Safety Code

Standard device designation numbers, reading high voltage prints, substation arrangement.

  • Ac Systems Review: Inductive and capacitive reactance, impedance, power triangle, working with phasors.
  • Three Phase Power Systems:  Delta, Wye, resistance grounded neutral systems.
  • Single Phase Transformers: theory, construction.  Single-phase transformer lab work: turns ratio, polarity, impedance. Three-phase  connection lab work with phase angle measurement.
  • Power Transformers: Wnding configurations, kVA ratings, cooling methods, oil preservation systems, gauges and alarms, no-load tap changers, lightning protection, house power transformers.
  • Circuit Breakers: Interrupting methods: air, oil, vacuum, SF6. Circuit switchers. Operating mechanisms, control schemes, tripping methods.
  • Intro to Medium Voltage System Protection: System requirements, protection terminology; impedance, available fault current, sensitivity, selectivity.
  • Medium Voltage Fuses:  Types, curve interpretation, fuse ratings. Fusing of motors, transformers, capacitor banks, and distribution lines.
  • Instrument Transformers: PTs, CTs
  • Protective Relaying Applications, types, operating characteristics.
  • Distribution Line Equipment: Pole and pad mounted transformers, pad mounted switchgear, reclosers, and sectionalizers.
  • Medium Voltage Motors: Maintenance, temperature and vibration monitoring.
  • Safe Switching Practices: Clearance procedures, lockout and tag-out methods, Kirk Key interlock systems.

Hands-on training can be tailored for lineman, substation operators and relay technicians.